Thursday, 10 November 2016

what have they done to the sky?

Pretend this caption is
in German, I guess.
And finally (for now) the 3rd of my posts about the settings I'm presently pitching to my players for our next campaign. This is for a nasty, high pressure, high-body count, careful-tracking-of-when-characters-last-ate kind of campaign.

The Starving Lands. Post-apocalyptic early modern northern Europe, sort of. Germany during/after the 30 Years’ War, but much, much worse. Famine, plague, constant and competing millenarian cults: the worship of death. Cannibalism. Witches and the suspicion of witches. The collapse of order, the rise of petty tyrants, the weird whisperings of liberty. Demons, hermits, mercenaries, exquisite corpses. Alchemists, minor princelings, false prophets, Giftschranken, Wunderkammern, systematising insanity. Huge wolf-packs, and werewolves, and men crueller than wolves. Ghouls. Flagellants. Meteor showers started it all, wrecked the planet. Now there are huge, floating rocks, mountain-sized, drifting through haywire magnetism, hundreds of feet off the ground. The sea has risen and swamped the land. Fish-men with cold eyes and delusions of conquest, stalking huge swamps where steeples and turrets hover above the stagnant water. Ornate, baroque armour. Unreliable fire-arms. Strange portents and blood-red sunsets. Chaos, and cruelty, and opportunity. Hunger.