Sunday, 6 November 2016

lies and spiders

Per my post the other day about a Himalayan setting, I am in the middle of trying to settle with my players on a setting and style for a new campaign, so I'm gonna throw some other setting paragraphs up here once in a while until we reach a decision. I've posted about this one before.

Chirica. Renaissance Venice meets Kafka’s Prague. Paranoia, plotting, assassination, surrealism. Monochrome. Decadent but not lavish, grandiose but not extravagant, baroque but not playful. Vampires, asylums, canals, empty windows overlooking crooked alleyways. Stagnant water. Masks. Clocks. Mirrors. Secret police. Assassination. Rats. Graveyards. Escherian architecture. Underpopulation. Stains. Mould. Cracks. Impossible geographies. Rotting libraries. Dry wells, with things living in them. Silver, but no gold. Pain, but no gore. Ash, but no flame. Fallen snow, but never falling snow. Sewers. Spiders. An infinite city, almost dead, almost empty, seething with plots and counter-plots and impossible things crawling beneath a low, pale sun and a whispering moon.