Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Angels of Ilmater

Jacqueline Nicholls
The angels of Ilmater are born from the bodies of martyrs: when the mortal body breaks and crumples, a skein of blood-red thread ravels from the point where their heart was while it still beat, unspooling into the shadow-shape of their body, an unbroken thread curling and swaying constantly, like a snake waiting to strike. It is faceless, voiceless, soundless, and impossibly strong. Visible only from the corner of the eye, in glints and dazzles like golden dust-motes caught in an evening light-shaft, sprouting from its back, are not wings but two immense hands, wrists rising from the strange manikin's shoulderblades, fingers flexing and spreading. It is remorseless, heedless, senseless, and unknowably appalled.

Hoping to use one of these tomorrow, so just putting this here for now. As you will surely recall, two hands bound with red thread is Ilmater's symbol (post-rebrand).