Friday, 1 July 2016

Citizens of Chirica - Karint Sphora

Karint Sphora was the architect of many of Chirica’s most impressive buildings, and though her name is forgotten by most, it lives in the existence of the Banat’s elaborate central square: in the arcades of the street of the goldsmiths: in the monumental archways of the great central sewer. It lives on in dozens of buildings, monuments and ground plans spread across the city, seemingly randomly: but in truth their distribution and interrelation is a sorcery, a long-planned web of essence that overlays the city and perpetuates Sphoras’ existence. She lives in the pulse of commerce and the traffic of people, embedded in ensorcelled mortar and in vaults of impossible geometries, exerting strange control over those who think themselves to be free - above all, over those few still in Chirica who practise her trade - working always towards the completion of a final project outside simple comprehension.