Friday, 8 July 2016

Chirican Knick-Knacks

If the city is infinite, as it is said by some, then so too are its cupboards and its shuttered wunderkammern and its littered, unswept alleys: and so too are the things in them. But here are d12 of them.

  1. A blue cravat. When pulled, it comes loose and slips off instead of tightening around the neck.
  2. Letter-knife. Blade goes soft whenever it slips: you can't accidentally hurt yourself with it. (Can hurt other people fine, but it's pretty small and blunt anyhow)
  3. Coin with an X scratched in one side and a hole drilled through: presumably it used to be on a string as a charm. Coin's year of minting is always that of the owner's birth.
  4. Simple pewter candlestick. Acts heavier than it is: oddly hard to knock over (but fine to lift and carry).
  5. Small envelope made of beautiful marbled paper. Carefully folded into a star, any letter inside it disappears until the envelope is unfolded (letter will get crumpled, though).
  6. Silver sugar tongs. If dipped into a liquid, they pick up a sugar-cube-sized cube of that liquid, which will be held in that shape until released.
  7. Palm-sized statuette of a cat. Grows cold to the touch (like an ice cube) when an actual cat is nearby.
  8. Red velvet slippers. They make the sound of heavy ironshod boots when walked in.
  9. A cane, weighted with lead. Conducts heat extremely well, while not becoming hot itself.
  10. String of beads with letters on them. Beads rearrange themselves into the names of the recently dead.
  11. Small, ornate glass vial: perfume bottle, possibly. When broken, all windows within 12' shatter.
  12. A blank book. Cannot be written in.