Thursday, 30 June 2016

Citizens of Chirica - House Szaniget

All who pass the confluence of canals where its half-sunken form looms know House Szaniget: a listing hulk of a palace, more below water than above it, wherein one of Chirica's most feared and powerful families have their seat. The Szanigets have always been a breed apart, furthering their line through incest and sorcery, their cold eyes calculating always for the greater good of their bloodline: they are nightmarish things, creatures of cold hides and sharp teeth, skin flowering with ornate fins. They deny, icily, any kinship with the baser, feral merpeople of the open water (sometimes too to be found in canals). In their vast palace, they keep to the endless dance of their esoteric protocol, moving with ease through stagnant water and stagnant air, attended by strange servitors, plotting and conniving in the half-sunken rooms, ornate and ragged clothing sodden and close against their slimy skins. They seek the sinking of ever more of the city.