Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Citizens of Chirica - Haphlas, the Free Prince

Demons are not unusual in Chirica, but they are all creatures of another's possession: the Chirican demons are a slave race, existing through a variety of bonds, wards, enchanted items and oaths, at the bidding of other masters. Breaking their bonds causes their own annihilation – though many demons seek this nevertheless, considering it preferable to slavery. The single exception is Haphlas, the Free Prince, a demon whose independent existence is a mystery even to himself, though not one in which he takes much interest. Irredeemably evil, Haphlas sows discord and hatred throughout the city, operating mostly without help and outside the intricate web of politics. If he has a true agenda, he is biding his time and disguising his intentions with bouts of vicious, bizarre savagery to no obvious end. It does seem clear, though, that he is seeking to destroy other prominent (and enslaved) demons of the city. Haphlas has no single abode, hiding where he will, often in wreckage of his own creation. Haphlas looks something like a portly man, though twice the size of any true man, with a horse's head, the mouth of which is lined with long, needle-like teeth: from it falls, like drool, a constant slow stream of thick white grubs, each the length of a man's hand.  

(true story, I thought this guy up and called him Halphas and typed it up and almost published it before I realised a demon prince called Half-arse is...not the scariest)