Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Citizens of Chirica - Beneath the Red Bridge

There's none more unlucky than those who fall from the Red Bridge: except those who climb back out.

It is well known that the Red Bridge is unlucky, and that those who fall from it do not surface again. Boatmen do their best not to pass under it, and if they must, they keep to the left bank: though this is superstition, for the aboleth is almost as long as the bridge itself. It is said of the mighty fish, by those who know that it exists, that it swam the naked waters before the city stood, and was caged by the canals, and has plotted its freedom ever since. It is said also that the bridge binds it with some enchantment to that spot: but its alien and unbound brain travels ever through the alleys and the empty rooms, seeking the craven and the cruel to make its own and work its plans. And what plans: for the legends around the aboleth tell us only one truth, that the people of Chirica wish the beast was not there of its own choosing. It is.