Sunday, 29 May 2016

Here, have a village

Some actual honest-to-god usable game content, how 'bout that? Here's a village generator I use for when the PCs have just blown into somewhere and don't plan on staying very long, but might like to do a little light questing: or it can generate the bare bones of something to be fleshed out into a fuller setting. All you need is a fistful of d20s -

This owes a bunch to Remember Dis Move's simpler generator - including the insight re: the essential components of a feudal village, especially granaries which aren't obviously D&Dable and so frequently forgotten. It adds some layers of complexity by making sure there is always something odd about one of those essential components, and by beginning to suggest the surrounding area.

It also allows scaling-up to create small towns - just roll everything d4 (or however many you like) times, and then also roll that many times on the additional columns I, J and K for some of the bigger social structures true towns throw up.